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  • Individual Education Program (“IEP”):

    explains special education, related services and any accommodations or modifications for the student. The IEP outlines in writing the educational program for the student. It is developed during the IEP meeting.

  • Independent Educational Evaluation (“IEE”):

    an evaluation performed by a qualified outside examiner who is not employed by the school administration who is responsible for the education of your child. This evaluation is performed at public expense.

  • “Informal” hearings:

    entitled to students who receive short-term suspensions that last ten days or less; often conversations between the student and disciplinarian; students are often not granted the same protections they are offered in judicial proceedings.

  • In-School Suspension (“ISS”):

    student is removed from the regular classroom and placed in another area of the building; does not require due process; local policies offering protections vary.  

  • Interim alternative educational setting:

    placement of student until the resolution of hearings, reviews, and other procedures in cases where the hearing officer determines that continued placement in the regular educational setting will pose a risk to the students or others; time in this setting counts toward a “change in placement.”