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  • Early childhood services:

    children with less common disabilities (blind, deaf, or orthopedic impairments who are not eligible for regional center services) or who are developmentally delayed or at risk of such delay may qualify for these services. 

  • Emergency suspensions:

    situation in which the school removes student from school immediately without any form of hearing on the grounds that the student is a danger to him/herself or other students if s/he were to remain in school; the school must hold hearing as soon as possible. 

  • Entitlements:

    benefits and services that schools must provide special education students; the focus of the IDEA legislation.

  • Expedited Process

    The court will expedite (speed up) cases involving issues of child custody, support, visitation, adoption, paternity, determination that a child is in need of services, termination of parental rights, and all other appeals entitled to priority by the Appellate Rules or statute.

  • Expulsions:

    permanent suspension of a student from a school or school district; may be for the remainder of a semester, a full semester, a year, or the rest of the student’s academic career. 

  • Expunge

    To destroy; blot out; obliterate; erase; efface designedly; strike out wholly. The act of physically destroying information—including criminal records—in files, computers, or other depositories.