Navigating the School System: second video tutorial now live

This video will introduce parents to the different levels of government that affect their children’s education, explore effective communication techniques, and discuss types of issues that arise at school — and how best to resolve them.

PREP has launched its second video tutorial on Navigating the School System. Watch Section 1 below or on PREP’s Youtube channel for an overview of the school system and tips on communicating and resolving issues in the school system. This series also includes a video tutorial on Parent Advocacy, with future releases to include Special Education, English Language Learners, School Discipline, and Grievance Procedures.

Video tutorials serve as primers to prepare parents for PREP’s free webinars on related topics. PREP’s first free webinar will be held on September 30: Parent Advocacy and Mobilization. The webinar will be offered at 12 pm Eastern/9 am Pacific and 9 pm Eastern/6 pm Pacific.

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